Alberta Innovation Advisory Council

Passionate expatriates supporting the advancement of Innovation and Technology for the Province of Alberta.

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About the AIA Council

Founded in 2017 by Silicon Valley Canadian Expatriates, the AIA Council is an informal group providing support for the advancement of Technology and Innovation in the province of Alberta, Canada. Our mandate includes:

Ecosystem Development

Provide advocacy to organizations fostering technology and innovation ecosystem development

Network Access

Assist in fostering connections for Albertans to our collective Silicon Valley network


High-level assistance to businesses and organizations on matters of innovation

Alberta at a glance

A province in Western Canada, Alberta has a thriving economy, educated population and some of the best living conditions in the world.

Edmonton Innovation
  • 4 million people with two major urban centers: Calgary and Edmonton.
  • Diverse economic sectors including biomedical, energy, finance, green / clean tech, agritech and tourism.
  • Leads as Canada‚Äôs most entrepreneurial province with 18.2% of all businesses less than 3 years old and 36% of all businesses are independently owned.
  • One of the most competitive business tax environments in North America and the highest labour productivity levels in the country.


The AIA Council members are a diverse team of experienced Entrepreneurs and Innovators residing in California's Silicon Valley.

View Joanne's profile on LinkedIn
Joanne Fedeyko
Co-chair and Founder
View Daniel's profile on LinkedIn
Daniel Ellis
Co-chair and Founder
View Kiersten's profile on LinkedIn
Kiersten Stead
Managing Partner, DCVC Bio
View Randy's profile on LinkedIn
Randy Marsden
Special Projects Manager, Apple
View Andrew's profile on LinkedIn
Andrew Hessel
Distinguished Research Scientist, Autodesk
View Derek's profile on LinkedIn
Derek Ball
CEO and co-founder, atVenu
View Lloyed's profile on LinkedIn
Lloyed Lobo
Cofounder, Boast Capital and
View Suzanne's profile on LinkedIn
Suzanne Scott
VP/GM of Home, Specialty Rooms, Walmart eCommerce
View Cathy's profile on LinkedIn
Cathy Han
Founder and CEO, 42 Technologies
View Scott's profile on LinkedIn
Scott Montgomerie
Founder and CEO/CTO, Scope AR
View Sam's profile on LinkedIn
Sam Ali
Strategic Partnerships and Ventures, Denka USA
View Micheal's profile on LinkedIn
Micheal Colombo
CMO, Cloudwords
View Kevin's profile on LinkedIn
Kevin Swan
VP Corporate Development, Solium
View Bindi's profile on LinkedIn
Bindi Karia
Innovation Expert + Advisor, Super Connector
View Daryn's profile on LinkedIn
Daryn Edgar
Technology Executive, Corporate Entrepreneur, Angel Investor
View Scott's profile on LinkedIn
Scott Wierstra
Product Management, Wireless Software Solutions - Cisco Meraki
View Rob's profile on LinkedIn
Rob Leclerc, PhD
AgFunder Cofounder and Forbes Contributor
View Nitin's profile on LinkedIn
Nitin Chopra
VC / Partner, Shasta Ventures
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